Mali: Decree N°2020-0087/P-Rm 2020 Applying Law on Human Rights Defenders

On the 21st of February 2020, the Republic of Mali adopted Decree No. 2020-0087/P-Rm establishing the modalities of application of the Law on human rights defenders. As stated in the first article of the decree, the purpose of this decree is to establish the terms and conditions for the application of the law on human rights defenders.

These terms include a broad definition of human rights defenders (Article 2), an active duty of the state to investigate violations of the rights of human rights defenders (Article 5) and the right and freedom of human rights defenders to carry out their activities free of persecution, investigations, arrest or detention (Article 9). Article 11 prohibits the use of public security, general interest or preservation of social cohesion as reasons to prosecute defenders.

Find the original document here in French (Journal Officiel de la République du Mali).