The Collective of Organisations for the Defence of Human Rights and Democracy (CODDHD in French) began to work on an initiative for the adoption of an HRDs protection law. In August 2015, the CODDHD held discussions with the Ministry of Justice and received a positive response for their proposal from Minister Marou Amadou. The initiative has also received support from the Nigerien Commission on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms. However, we do not have recent information on other developments in the initiative.

In mid-2021, conversations between civil society organisations and the government are resumed, and discussions for the presentation of an Avant-project regarding the protection of human rights defenders are in discussion.

The following are excerpts from this avantproject:

In view of developments in the international legal framework, it is now essential that Niger reduce its current gap with international standards. This is why the promulgation of this draft law is a real necessity. Human rights defenders continue to face enormous challenges in carrying out their work. The recognition and legal protection of human rights defenders is essential to ensure that they work in a safe and favourable environment for the implementation of their activities and that they are not subjected to aggression, reprisals and unjustified legal restrictions.

The state has the primary responsibility for the promotion and protection of human rights as part of its sovereignty. Nevertheless, individuals, groups and bodies in society contribute significantly to advancing the cause of human rights. It is in this sense that the present law will have the merit of clarifying the rights and responsibilities of human rights defenders as well as the obligations of the State for their protection and promotion. (Avant-project explanatory statement)

(updated: 11/2021)

On 11 and 12 July 2019, a meeting was held between members of the Nigerien government, international human rights bodies...