Mali became the third African State to adopt a law on the protection of human rights defenders. The President of the Republic of Mali signed on 12 January 2018 the national law “concerning human rights defenders”, which was adopted by the Parliament on 13 December 2017.

The Parliament of Mali strengthened the draft law presented by the Government by including specific protection for women human rights defenders and defenders with disabilities. For this bill, technical support was provided by organisations such as International Services for Human Rights (ISHR), Protection International, Frontline defenders and the Malian Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (COMADDH).

Updated: 02/2020

ISHR The Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights urged Mali to adopt the implementation decree on the law for the...
Article 1: The purpose of this law is to establish the rules relating to Human Rights Defenders. CHAPTER I: PURPOSE...
Article 1: The purpose of this decree is to establish the terms and conditions for the application of the law...