National Commission for Human Rights (NCHR) Policy Guidelines on Protection of Human Rights Defenders

National Commission For Human Rights – (NCHR)

The Commission has developed these Policy Guidelines in collaboration with Pakistan Human Rights Defenders Network (PHRDN), which is a national network of HRDs in Pakistan. PHRDN, its provincial chapters and the NCHR and its provincial chapters held joint consultations on HRD protection in federal and all provincial capitals, engaged with over 400 representatives of civil society organizations and other stakeholders including the key government departments.
The purpose of the guidelines is to ensure the safety of HRDs and enabling them to carry on their activities in a conducive environment which is crucial for protection and enforcement of human rights in the country.

The Commission reaffirms that the primary responsibility for the protection of HRDs rests with the State. Which must respect, protect and take all steps to enforce human rights and constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights.

(Extracts from the Policy Guidelines Introduction section)