Afghanistan: Establishment of a Joint Commission for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

KABUL – As per the decree of the President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and to strengthen human rights advocacy and respond to national and international concerns with regards to human rights issues in Afghanistan, and in accordance with the provision of the Constitution and the Afghan government’s strategy to protect the defenders of human rights, a “Joint Commission for the Protection of Human Rights” is established under the chairmanship of Professor Sarwar Danish, the Second Vice President.

The Presidential Decree states that with the aim of providing the necessary and effective ground for the protection of human rights issues in Afghanistan and the fulfillment of the Afghan government’s commitments to human rights issues and the protection of human rights defenders and activists, the establishment of a Joint Commission for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders chaired by Professor Sarwar Danish, the second vice president, has been approved.

According to the decree, the Commission will be membered by the Attorney General, Minister of Justice, Minister of Interior, Minister of Women Affairs, Head of Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan, Director General of National Security, Director General of the Independent Directorate of Local Governance, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Representative of the Supreme Court, Representative of the Legal, Legislative, and Judicial Bureau of the Administrative Office of the President and representatives of other relevant departments if necessary and approved by the Chairman of the Commission.

Preparing the Commission’s implementation procedure, determining the Commission’s work priorities, drafting a joint plan with non-governmental organizations in the field of human rights to outline the mechanism for protecting human rights defenders, obtaining the opinions of domestic and foreign human rights advocates and funders, as well as addressing the recommendations, plans and complaints of human rights defenders are among the goals and priorities of the Commission.

The Secretariat of the “Joint Commission for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders” is the onus of the Independent Human Rights Commission

Find the original document here in English and Arabic (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan).

This publication appears to have been deleted on the official website of the government of Afghanistan. Due to the seize of power by the Taliban, this commission is most likely not in function anymore. In absence of the original publication, you can find a publication by Amnesty International here on the commission with more permanently uploaded documents.