The Togolese Coalition of Human Rights Defenders (Ctddh) Has Validated the Draft Law on the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

Television Togolaise

Togo is in the process of adopting the law on the protection of human rights defenders. This law, enshrined in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights of December 1998, recognises and protects human rights defenders. The Togolese coalition of human rights defenders, CTDDH, validated the preliminary draft of this law on 12 September.
Human rights defenders in Togo are working on the law that protects them in accordance with the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The law on the protection of human rights defenders provides legal recognition and protection that guarantees favourable conditions for its actors. It is time for the Togolese coalition of human rights defenders to validate the draft law.
It is a legal provision that all countries are called upon to adopt in order to ensure a safe working environment, free of reprisals and aggression for human rights defenders. Togo’s willingness to adopt this law is welcomed by the West African Network of Human Rights Defenders. A network that includes 15 West African countries and Mauritania. The law on the protection of human rights is devoid of any form of restriction to promote fundamental freedoms

Clarisse ATIKLE

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