There is a draft for a protection law for Human Rights defenders promoted by The East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project (EHAHRDP) in 2017

In 2020, a similar process is being promoted by the Defenders Protection Initiative, in collaboration the Human Rights Center of Uganda, Defend Defenders, the National Coalition for Human Rights Defenders, Chapter 4, and the Hurinet-Human Rights Network of Uganda. The “Human Rights Defenders Bill” is intended to provide for “the recognition and protection of HRDs in Uganda, enhance partnership and collaboration between the government and HRDS and promote compliance with international human rights standards and best practices”


Updated: 06/2020

Defenders Protection Initiative
In 2020, a protection bill for defenders has been proposed in the Ugandan Parliament. It provides for the recognition and...
In July 2020, Hon. Lyandro Komakech, member of parliament from the Gulu Municipality, filed a motion seeking to leave parliament...