In July, 2013 a bill drafted in close collaboration with Civil Society Organisations and defining certain rights for HRDs was presented to the House of Representatives in Congress. The bill was not approved at that time, but discussions went on.

By 2018  there were two parallel processes around laws for the protection of HRD in the Philippines legislative cameras, one before the Senate and another one before the House of Representatives. Senator de Lima presented the Bill before the Senate Committee on Justice and Human Rights in February.
Two laws have been presented to the House of Representatives, the 2016 House Bill No. 1617 (led by
Representative Zarate) and the 2018 House Bill No. 8128 (lead by Representative Lagman; this  draft bill was built upon consultations with civil society organizations –and it was inspired in the Model Law of the ISHR). After several public hearings a consolidated version of the Human Rights Defenders  Protection bills of House Bill No. 1617 and House Bill No. 8128 was elaborated.

In 2019 the consolidated draft passed through three readings in the House of Representatives (, but was not yet  approved. In early 2021 the  is being discussed.

Updated: 06/2021

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