Indonesia: Regulation Number 5/2015 on Procedures for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders

In 2015, Komnas HAM (National Human Rights Commission) adopted Regulation Number 5 of 2015 (Perkomnas HAM) concerning Procedures for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders. The purpose of this regulation is to provide guidelines for the protection of HRDs who are threatened or are vulnerable due to their activities (Chapter II, Article 2). Within this policy, a Special Rapporteur for HRDs was created within Komnas HAM.

Since 2017, however, with the appointment of a new Komnas HAM Commissioner, the HRD Special Rapporteur system has been put into question due to lack of clarity regarding its funding and recruitment. Moreover, the role of Komnas HAM is limited: they don’t have the authority to act or implement the protection itself. Rather, their role is observant and may include reporting to the government about violations of the right to defend human rights.

Find the original document here in Indonesian (National Human Rights Commission Indonesia – Komnas HAM).