Comments of NHRC India on Human Rights Council Resolution 32/31 on Civil Society Space


Under Section 12 (i) of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993, one of the function of the Commission is to encourage the efforts of Non-Governmental Organizations and Institutions working in the field of human rights. In discharging of this function, the Commission has been over the years encouraging Non Governmental Organizations and Human Rights Activists working in the field of human rights.

The Commission has set up a focal point for Human Rights Defender. The Commission has also taken many steps to strengthen the working environment of Human Rights Defenders in India. Some of them are :

. NHRC sends a strong message to the State not to victimize HRDs. In furtherance of the same the Secretary General, NHRC wrote a letter to the Chief Secretaries of all States to create a favorable environment for the functioning of the Human rights Defenders.

. NHRC has taken proactive steps to protect the cause of the HRDs by recommending prosecution, compensation etc.

. HRDs cases are being displayed on the website.

Resolution 32/31_excerpts

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