Eurasia: Human Rights House Booklet 2018

In 2018, Human Rights House Foundation published a booklet entitled: “Rights of Defenders: Principles and Standards Protecting and Empowering Human Rights Work”. The analysis is based on human rights houses based in Western and Eastern Europe, Balkans, and the Caucasus.

As stated in the introduction, this booklet aims “to promote and build understanding of international standards and provide clear, accessible, and targeted insight into the standards and the context that surrounds them. It is a tool for defenders to disseminate standards nationally, engage with authorities and hold them accountable to the commitments they make internationally, and initiate national conversations on the importance of defenders and their work.”

Find the original publication here in English and Russian (Human Rights House Foundation). The resource is also available in Armenian, English, Crimean TatarCroatianGeorgian, Russian and Ukrainian.