In 2019 the Ecuadorian Ombudsman’s Office introduced Resolution No. 043-DPE-DD-2019 regarding the protection of Human Rights Defenders. Among its functions are:
•receiving and submitting petitions concerning any action or inaction taken against human rights defenders because of their defence,
•to carry out risk assessments for HRDs and request their inclusion in the National System of Victim and Witness Protection,
•to visit persons deprived of their liberty in situ,
•to monitor due process,
•to carry out investigations by the Ombudsman’s Office,
•to generate constitutional guarantees and precautionary measures (jointly or independently of constitutional actions),
•to establish measures of obligatory and immediate compliance, public actions, requests for amnesties and pardons, and the activation of international mechanisms.

Updated: 02/2020

Defensoría del pueblo Ecuador
The purpose of the resolution is to establish actions for the promotion and protection of the rights of human rights...