The Edinburgh Declaration

Adopted on 10 October 2010, Edinburgh

On 10 October 2010, the International Coordinating Committee of National Institutions for the Promotion and Protection of Human Rights (ICC) held its 10th Biennial Conference on “Business and Human Rights: What role for NHRIs?” in Edinburgh, Scotland. Participating NHRIs adopted the Edinburgh Declaration, committing to engage proactively with corporate human rights responsibility and abuses.

The Declaration aims to encourage ICC Regional Networks and individual NHRIs to consider the practical functions they can fulfil in promoting enhanced protection against corporate-related human rights abuse, greater accountability and respect for human rights by business actors, access to justice for victims and establishing multi-stakeholder approaches including but not limited to the following initiatives:

. Promotion/Education/Research

. Monitoring

. Complaints Handling

. Mediation and Conciliation

[GANHRI. Global Alliance of Human Rights Institutions]