Public Policy Framework for Integral Protection and Guarantees for Social Leaders, Community Leaders, Journalists and Human Rights Defenders

Ministerio del Interior. Derechos humanos

In the National Development Plan “Pact for Colombia, Pact for Equity” (2018-2022), Objective 5 “Pact for Life” of the Pact for Legality sets the goal of formulating and implementing the National Public Policy for the Prevention and Integral Protection of Social and Community Leaders, Journalists and Human Rights Defenders.

In compliance with this, the Policy CONPES document will be formulated under the leadership of the Ministry of the Interior and with the support of the National Planning Department. In this context, this Public Policy Framework aims to contribute to the strengthening of institutional effectiveness and the articulation between existing policy instruments aimed at preventing, avoiding and mitigating violations of the rights to life, liberty, integrity and security, as well as other rights associated with the work of defending human rights.

Chapter 1. Background and justification. Extracts

This document consists of seven chapters. The first chapter sets out the background and rationale. In the second, the conceptual framework of public policy. In the third, the diagnosis of the situation. In the fourth, the central problem and its associated causes. In the fifth, the general objective and the development of the strategic guidelines with their corresponding lines of action. Sixth, the alignment of the policy with other public policies. Finally, the seventh section presents the conclusions.

The framework for intersectoral action will be based on five strategic guidelines:
– Guarantee conditions for the defence of human rights and the exercise of social leadership in those territories where the presence of illegal armed groups and illicit economies constitute a risk factor.
– Strengthen the institutional capacity for multi-sectoral and multi-level direction and coordination for the prevention and protection of violations of the rights of social leaders and human rights defenders.
– Promote transparency, integrity and the fight against corruption in the defence of human rights.
– Strengthen the capacities of individuals and organisations that carry out human rights defence work.
– Promote a culture of respect and guarantees for the exercise of the right to defend human rights.

Introduction. Extracts

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