Colombia: Decree 660 of 2018

On the 17th of April 2018, the President of Colombia adopted Decree 660 which creates and regulates a Comprehensive Security and Protection Programme for Communities and Organisations in the Territories. The aim of this programme is to define and adopt comprehensive protection measures for communities and organisations in Colombia. This includes leaders, representatives and activists of social, popular, ethnic, women’s, gender, environmental, community, LGBTI and human rights defenders’ organisations in the territories.

According to this decree, the implementation of this programme is ensured by government authorities and municipalities led by the Ministry of Internal Affairs through technical committees that will assist local instances to collect information and implement protection measures (Article, and Article

The concrete objectives of the programme are formulated in Article of the decree and include (i) adopting measures for the prevention of security incidents through the identification of risk factors (ii) adopting security and protection measures that prevent the occurrence of such incidents, (iii) adopting measures to promote reconciliation and democratic peace in the territories, (iv) adopting measures to strengthen denunciation by human rights organizations in the territories.

Find the original document here in Spanish (Gobierno de Colombia. EVA Gestor Normativo).