Peru: Administrative Resolution No. 029-2020/DP-PAD adopting “Guidelines for the Ombudsman’s Intervention in Cases of Human Rights Defenders”

Administrative Resolution No. 029-2020/DP-PAD, made in Lima on June 15, 2020, approves the “Guidelines for the Ombudsman’s Intervention in Cases of Human Rights Defenders”. The purpose of these guidelines is to establish uniform criteria and guidelines for action that allow for an adequate intervention of the Ombudsman’s Office in relation to complaints, petitions and consultations that are submitted to the offices and modules of the Ombudsman’s Office in cases of Human Rights Defenders (HRDs).

The guidelines provide an overview of existing international and national instruments that are at the basis of these guidelines, enlists reports on the situation of human rights defenders in Latin America and Peru, defines activities that fall under the mandate of human rights defenders and identifies risk groups, risk factors and guidelines for an effective intervention. 

With this instrument, the Ombudsman’s Office seeks to guarantee the recognition, protection and defense of Human Rights Defenders in Peru.

Find the original document here in Spanish (Defensoría del Pueblo Perú).