Paraguay: Journalists and Human Rights Defenders Call for Protective Legal Framework

The Human Rights Commission, chaired by Congresswoman Roya Torres (PLRA-Alto Paraná), met with representatives of the Inter-institutional Roundtable for the Safety of Journalists, who requested support for the approval of a bill to provide greater protection for journalists and human rights defenders.

“They insisted on the need for a legal framework that would provide them with guarantees of greater freedom of expression and security; they said that there are places in our country, especially in the interior and in border areas, where the work of journalists is totally forbidden due to threats and violent acts against press workers,” said the legislator,

She stressed the importance of carrying out work with the broad participation of journalists’ organisations, in order to reach a consensus on a proposal that could provide the necessary guarantees for the freedom of expression of journalists, as well as for the work of human rights defenders.

At the same time, he pointed out the permanent recommendations of international organisations such as the United Nations regarding the need for Paraguay to adapt a legal regulation for the protection of journalists and recognised that this is a pending debt on the part of the National Congress.

In this context, he expressed his support and accompaniment to the communicators and pledged to promote, through the Human Rights Commission, the drafting and presentation of a bill to protect them.

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