Guatemala, Protection International: Urgence of Public Policies for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders [Video]

On 7 April 2021, Protection International’s Mesoamerica team held a public event broadcast on social media to present the 7 videos produced as a product of the PPPDDH information and training strategy and related support material to work with other networks and organisations defending human rights.

The knowledge, ease of access and use of this material is particularly important in the current context of disarticulation of peace institutions, with the recent formation of the COPADH (Presidential Commission for Peace and Human Rights), without the means to restore the management capacity of the former COPREDEH (Presidential Commission for Human Rights). The de facto breakdown of the channel for dialogue created, in the transition of government that coincided with the beginning of the pandemic, a lack of response capacity on the part of the Guatemalan state in terms of measures to comply with the sentences handed down by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.

The launching of the 7 videos and the support material produced seeks to give value to this material at a time when the State’s conduct is going beyond the dividing line set by the IACHR Court, by delimiting with the protection policy a measure of non-repetition, of new murders, threats and criminal persecution against people who defend rights.

Find the original document here in Spanish (Protection International Mesoamérica).