Colombia: Emergency plan for the protection of social leaders, human rights defenders and peace activists

In September 2022, the Colombian government introduced the Emergency Plan for the Protection of Social Leaders, Human Rights Defenders and Peace Signatories. This Plan aims to be the basis for the implementation of concrete and operational measures that generate the conditions for the subsequent creation of a Comprehensive Public Policy of Guarantees that provides a structural response to violations of the rights of social leaders, HRDs and peace signatories. It aims to protect lives and stop aggressions against the target population.

The plan has measures in the short term (100 days after the implementation of the Unified Command Posts for Life -PMUV-) and in the medium term (one year after 100 days). The protection measures are divided into six areas: a) Generation of institutional confidence and prevention of stigmatisation; b) Measures for justice and against impunity; c) Preventive and strategic action by the security forces on the ground; d) Territorial presence of the state and accompaniment of the international community; e) Risk management and humanitarian actions; f) Administrative measures for territorial security.

Find the original document here in Spanish (Unidad Nacional de Protección).