Policy Platform of the Fourth National Human Rights Commission of Thailand (NHRCT)

The Commission of Thailand (NHRCT) has started to assume its duties. The NHRCT is well aware of the challenges it takes to promote and protect human rights in Thailand. Such challenges arise during the critical condition of the spread of COVID-19, which severely affects people’s lives and rights in all aspects being health, economy and society like never before, alongside with the rapid change of current society and the world resulting from advances in technology, the impact on ecology, and the complexity of economic and social inequality.

The NHRCT recognizes that it relies on everyone in society to cooperate in human rights promotion, protection and resolution of problems to bring to the Thai society where people’s rights are respected while living in peaceful coexistence with trust and meaningful engagement. At the same time, the NHRCT needs to implement mandate in a transparent, fearless, fair, objective, impartial and constructive manner which people can rely on. The fourth NHRCT has, therefore, established the following policy platform for its future operation.

[Office of the National Human Rights Commission of Thailand.]