Human Rights Paraguay 2020


The annual report on the situation of human rights in Paraguay, published by Codehupy, this year celebrates its 25th uninterrupted edition. The mere mention of the time elapsed is an irrefutable indicator of the consolidation of this work, done in a collaborative and articulated way by the organisations of our network, as well as by other people who are invited to write about specific topics, but always from the perspective of civil society.

Codehupy’s human rights report is the common place for those who wish to delve into the situation in Paraguay and learn about what is happening through the prism of human rights. The rigorousness of the information presented is recognised, making it a bibliographic source for any approach to the country, especially from organisations that monitor the state’s compliance with its international obligations in this area.

Likewise, in these 25 years, the report has also become a powerful instrument for citizen demands which, in the hands of social organisations, has been transformed into an argument and vindication of very different demands, this being, perhaps, one of its most outstanding functions in the daily struggles for better living conditions for society as a whole.

This commemorative edition, in addition to its own content on the situation of each right, proposes a balance of how each of them evolved, in terms of their realisation, in the period mentioned, which, it should be said, almost corresponds to the same number of years that the political process of democratisation that followed the dictatorship has been going on.

Finally, celebrating this achievement, fruit of the unity and articulation of the organisations that work daily for a better Paraguay, from Codehupy and other fraternal and allied organisations, we present the twenty-fifth report on the human rights situation, not only reporting facts and human rights violations, but also formulating recommendations aimed at a fairer country, which we hope will become guidelines for the formulation and execution of public policies that the most diverse areas of the State must implement.

Asunción, 10 December 2020

Óscar Ayala Amarilla
Executive Secretary, Codehupy


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